Why choose Berry Financial Planning?

The key benefits of using Berry Financial Planning are as follows:

1) Unbiased – We are passionate about providing the best financial advice so that when we research the market place to find the right products for our clients we research the whole of the market without exception. For your information, our regulator the Financial Conduct Authority places on Berry Financial Planning a legal duty to provide ‘best advice’ to clients and we can only do this we feel by searching the whole of the market.

2) Paperwork – As part of our service we would also take care of all of the paperwork and make the whole process of arranging your finances as easy and straightforward as possible liaising on your behalf with all parties involved where relevant including insurance companies, solicitors, accountants and surveyors.

3) Local – By being local and meeting face to face provides reassurance as buying an annuity or taking out an equity release plan for example are once in a lifetime events and clients tell us that they much prefer to deal with someone and have all their questions answered in this way.

4) Advice – As professional advisers we take full responsibility and liability for our advice both now and in the future whereas companies that transact through the internet or via the phone often work on an “execution only basis” and therefore take no liability. You will also have confidence that all advice is provided by Matthew Berry who being the managing director of Berry Financial Planning strives to maintain and grow the firms excellent reputation.

5) Professional and qualified – Matthew has been involved in financial services since he left University in 1997 and is qualified to the highest level being a Chartered Financial Planner and specialises in Income Options in Retirement so you can rely on him to be your trusted adviser.

6) Continuity – The typical clients of Berry Financial Planning are individuals aged between 55 and 75 whereas Matthew was born in 1976 and what this means is that Matthew is aiming to provide access to local financial advice throughout his working life as an adviser which will track his clients future life expectancy